Lala Flamenco Toronto
Larissa (aka "Lala") is a Toronto based flamenco dancer.  She first discovered flamenco as a child and was enraptured by its music and dance.  She started training in Toronto with Esmeralda Enrique and later with Carmen Romero.  Larissa also worked intensively in Montreal with Myriam Allard as one of three dancers selected from across Canada for La Otra Orilla’s prestigious Paso a Paso program, a month-long intensive training period intended for Canada’s up-and-coming flamenco dancers. 
Larissa’s passion for the art form led her to Spain where she has trained with many masters including Juana Amaya, Alicia Marquez, Manuel Betanzos, and Adela Campallo.  In 2015, she spent 3 months in Seville thanks to a Chalmers Professional Development Grant from the Ontario Arts Council. 

Larissa has performed across Canada, from small tablaos to large theatres.  Performances include Sombra y Luz, as part of the opening show of Flamenco Festival Montreal, headlining show of the Vancouver Jondo Flamenco Festival, and the ‘Why I Dance’ video by the Ontario Arts Council.   In 2016, Larissa co-founded Ilumina Flamenco with Angela Deiseach, a flamenco dance collective dedicated to performing both traditional and contemporary flamenco dance. The company presented its first full-length production, Amor Flamenco , in 2016.
Larissa regularly teaches adults and children at Dance Teq Centre and the Academy of Spanish Dance.  Larissa is also licensed to teach other forms of movement and body conditioning.
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